Penn GSE Career Paths

Bringing History to Life

Adrienne G. Whaley, GED’08

Adrienne G. Whaley

Inspiring Active Participation

Sarah Cannon-Straight, GED’14

Sarah Cannon-Straight

Lifting Up Student Voices

Melissa M. Kim, GRD’09

Melissa M. Kim

Finding Common Ground

David Grossman, GR’04

Headshot of David Grossman

Creating Paths to College and Career Success

Sean E. Vereen, GED’00, GRD’05

Headshot of Seam E. Vereen

Advocating to Strengthen a Workforce

Becci Menghini, GRD’14

Headshot of Becci Menghini

Shaking Up Approaches to Move the Needle

Jessica Guerrero, GED’09

Headshot of Jessica Guerrero

Transforming Corporate Learning

Candace Thille, GRD’13

Headshot of Candace Thille

Opening Doors to Career Advancement

Devon Miner, GED’13

Navin Valrani, W’93, GED’18, uses a holistic approach to tackle the evolving needs of educators and students in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Headshot of Devon Miner