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December 23, 2015

Thomas’ selections highlight the best storytelling of the year that deals with issues like gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and socioeconomic class in ways that are real and empathetic.


  • Teaching & Leadership
December 17, 2015

Stacy R. Gill-Phillips one of ten primary and secondary school administrators across the country named as finalists for the 2015 the Escalante-Gradillas Best in Education Prize from  


  • Race & Equity
December 16, 2015

Writing in the Washington Post with Thea Renda Abu El-Haj, Penn GSE’s Sigal Ben-Porath offers practical steps for educators.


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December 11, 2015

For the last decade, the Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity has created a space for middle and high school students to find their voice. 


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December 1, 2015

Grid magazine profiles Philadelphia’s Maker Jawn project, and Yasmin Kafai’s role supporting a new generation of creators.


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November 11, 2015

Penn GSE faculty have achieved a rare trifecta in the leadership of professional organizations. Three top associations in education have elected four Penn GSE faculty members to current or future terms as president—demonstrating the School’s place at the forefront of education.


  • Teaching & Leadership
  • Race & Equity
November 10, 2015

In the NYT, Ebony Thomas states that the book A Fine Dessert presents a “degrading” depiction of an enslaved African-American mother and daughter in 1810 South Carolina. 


  • Education Policy
October 30, 2015

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, C-SAIL director Andy Porter writes that the focus of education reform should be implementing more rigorous content, not standardized testing. 


  • Innovation
October 29, 2015

Eight companies from around the world have joined the Education Design Studio Inc.'s third cohort to further develop ventures aimed at solving problems in education. 


  • Higher Education
October 28, 2015

Throughout October, Penn GSE’s Center for MSIs is hosting a microgiving campaign to support Minority-Serving Institutions across the country.