Faculty Experts

Penn GSE faculty members are some of the most knowledgeable and innovative experts on education in the world.

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Manuel González Canché

Associate Professor


Higher Education Division

College access and affordability; pathways for underrepresented minorities; community colleges.

Joan F. Goodman


Literacy, Culture, and International Education Division

Early childhood; moral education; school discipline and authority

Kathleen D. Hall

Associate Professor of Education and Anthropology

Director, South Asia Center

Literacy, Culture, and International Education Division

Immigration, race relations, and education; citizenship, cultural politics, and national incorporation; class, socialization and social stratification; social theory; ethnographic research

Matthew Hartley


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Executive Director, PennAHEAD

Higher Education Division

Academic governance in higher education; institutional mission; civic engagement and the democratic purposes of higher education

Nancy H. Hornberger


Educational Linguistics

Educational Linguistics Division

Educational linguistics; sociolinguistics; educational ethnography and anthropology; bilingualism and biliteracy; multilingualism and language education

Sarah Schneider Kavanagh

Research Assistant Professor


Teaching Learning and Leadership Division

Teacher professional development; teacher education & certification; history and English education; LGBTQ issues in education; inquiry-based instruction

Peter J. Kuriloff


Teaching Learning and Leadership Division

Gender dynamics and education; learning and emotional development; group dynamics

Linda Lucker Leibowitz

Associate Director, Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling

Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

Elementary and middle school counseling; developmental and collaborative counseling programs; program administration; peer programs for children at risk

Susan L. Lytle

Professor Emerita

Founding Director, Philadelphia Writing Project

Educational Linguistics Division

Literacy and learning in adolescence and adulthood; practitioner inquiry; communities of inquiry; teacher learning, teacher education, and professional development; urban education

James H. Lytle

Practice Professor

Teaching Learning and Leadership Division

School reform in the context of federal and state policy; organizational theory and practice; school and district leadership; urban education; education micro-finance

Elizabeth Mackenzie

Lecturer and Program Manager

Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

Mindfulness and mental health; mind-body medicine; sustainability and public health; qualitative health research

Martin Ihrig

Practice Associate Professor, Penn GSE
Adjunct Associate Professor, The Wharton School

Academic Associates

Strategy Entrepreneurship Knowledge Innovation Work-based Learning

Yumi Matsumoto

Assistant Professor


Educational Linguistics Division

English as a lingua franca; intercultural communication and pragmatics; the role of gestures in second language learning and teaching; humor construction; second language teacher professional development.

Rebecca A. Maynard

University Trustee Professor of Education and Social Policy

Education Policy Division

Education and social welfare policy; economics of education; experimental and qualitative research methods; research synthesis methods

Paul Austin McDermott


Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

Multivariate statistics; multilevel modeling; longitudinal analysis; item response theory; test construction

Annie McKee

Senior Fellow

Director of Medical Education

Chief Learning Officer

Academic Associates

Leadership; emotional intelligence; organizational development; organizational change; bullying and resilience

Eleni Miltsakaki

Adjunct Professor of Educational Technology


Teaching Learning and Leadership Division

Educational technology, computational linguistics, discourse analysis, readability, ​inquiry-based learning

Robert Moore


Educational Linguistics Division

Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; language shift, obsolescence, and endangerment; verbally-mediated interaction; heritage language education; narrative performance and verbal art; language planning and policy discourses; semiotics of brands and branding; Native North American languages; the English language in Ireland

Leslie K. Nabors Olah

Research Assistant Professor

Senior Researcher, Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Academic Associates

Formative assessment; statistical growth modeling; early childhood cognitive development; bilingual education

Michael J. Nakkula

Professor of Practice 

Chair, Applied Psychology

Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

Adolescent development; risk and resilience; counseling and prevention; youth mentoring