Penn GSE In the Media

The Hechinger Report | January 7, 2019
Laura Perna is quoted on the role of summer study programs in preparing first-generation students to succeed in college. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 11, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath writes about the shortcomings of the Chicago principles, which many higher education institutions endorse as a framework for responding to challenges to free speech on campus. 
NJTV News | November 28, 2018
Howard Stevenson speaks about the long-term mental health impacts of adverse childhood experiences in communities of color. 
The Chronicle of Higher Education | November 19, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman argues for the restoration of access to federal student aid for incarcerated people. 
The New York Review of Books | November 13, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman reviews three books on the desegregation of schools after the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision and unpacks the ruling's ongoing legal and historical questions. 
Nashville Tennessean | November 12, 2018
Joni Finney is quoted on the Tennessee Promise program and the challenges ahead for the state to maintain momentum and close achievement gaps. 
EdSurge | November 8, 2018
Ryan Baker is quoted on the impact of local implementation conditions on the use and effectiveness of learning apps in schools. 
Inside Higher Ed | October 23, 2018
Peter Eckel, writing with Cathy Trower, cautions that the traditional committee structures and operating procedures of university, college, and state system boards have not kept up with the times and can benefit from focused institutional review. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | October 22, 2018
Laura Perna speaks about academics' frustrations with predatory practices in the student loan industry. "We have this structural reliance on loan servicers," she explains. "If they're not doing their job, it's a problem." 
Chalkbeat | October 18, 2018
Nelson Flores writes about the professionalization of bilingual education and the unrealistic assumption that schools can alone reverse the effects of poverty and segregation. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | October 15, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman advocates for academics to increase engagement with the public and widen the audience for their work. 
Inside Higher Ed | October 8, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath is quoted on viewpoint diversity in academia and its relationship to the educational mission of universities. 
Nature | October 3, 2018
Richard Ingersoll comments on the importance of classroom practice for pre-service teachers in STEM fields. 
The Hechinger Report | October 2, 2018
Marybeth Gasman is quoted on how non-inclusive work environments contribute to lack of progress in diverse faculty hiring and retention.
Phi Delta Kappan: The Professional Journal for Educators | September 24, 2018
Peter Kuriloff writes about how gender-conscious teaching can help dismantle bias and foster gender equity in the classroom.   
Education Week Teacher | September 18, 2018
Ali Michael contributes to a response on the biggest mistakes teachers make when addressing issues of race and racism in the classroom. 
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education | September 17, 2018
Manuel González Canché discusses the problem of cultural and geographical biases in standardized college admissions tests.  
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education | September 11, 2018
Andrew Martinez offers guidance on how administrators, faculty, and peers can help cultivate a positive transition for first-generation students entering college or graduate school. 
Bloomberg News | September 6, 2018
A Penn AHEAD study on enrollment and completion of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is cited in a commentary on the online education platform MasterClass, which recently received an influx of investment funding. 
Chicago Tribune | August 27, 2018
Joni Finney comments on new public policy initiatives in Illinois to increase college affordability and bolster need-based financial aid programs, with the aim of reducing brain drain from the state.  
Chalkbeat | August 23, 2018
Matthew Steinberg is cited for his recently published research on the relationship between suspensions and student test scores in Philadelphia district schools. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | August 12, 2018
Ryan Baker and Valerie Ross of the School of Arts and Sciences discussed the benefits and challenges of using AI in the classroom. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | August 9, 2018
Marybeth Gasman wrote a viral Facebook post about her experience wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt in public. 
The Washington Post | August 9, 2018
Robert Zemsky cautions that universities and colleges are stretching their already-thin resources by rushing to add new majors in reaction to declining enrollments. 
The Globe and Mail | July 31, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath was cited for her concept of “inclusive freedom,” which joins a commitment to free speech with the belief that all people should have the chance to participate in free expression and learning. 
Yahoo Lifestyle | July 31, 2018
Linda Leibowitz discussed news of LeBron James’s “I Promise School,” which aims to support students at risk of falling behind their peers. 
WLRN Miami | July 26, 2018
Peter Kuriloff comments on the role of school leaders in making elite private schools more tolerant places and the importance of listening to students of color. 
Times Higher Education (U.K.) | July 17, 2018
Alan Ruby said that the Indian government’s decision to designate just six universities as “Institutes of Eminence” was a sensible choice, which would allow them to concentrate available resources. 
WNPR (Hartford, Conn.) | July 16, 2018
Joni Finney is interviewed on her work to improve access to higher education, and she discusses some of the challenges that states are facing. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 11, 2018
Richard Ingersoll discusses reasons why teachers—particularly teachers of color—leave the profession, citing a lack of classroom autonomy and lack of voice into schoolwide decisions.