Penn GSE In the Media

Philadelphia Inquirer | July 10, 2019
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas discussed the casting of a black woman as Ariel in the upcoming “Little Mermaid” remake. “Whether it’s seeing people of color traveling faster than the speed of light, or as superheroes, dragons, or even mermaids, when we see ourselves in these roles, even as kids we believe we can do anything,” she said. “These images shape our minds on a subconscious level.” 
The New York Times | June 24, 2019
Joni E. Finney said presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s plan to eliminate student loan debt “doesn’t match the complexity of the cost education problem.” 
EdWeek | June 11, 2019
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas is quoted on historical and present-day patterns in the literary representations of people of color that are accessible to students in classroom libraries. 
EdWeek | May 30, 2019
Jonathan Zimmerman comments on 2020 presidential candidates' educational backgrounds and what history reveals about how experience with public schooling relates to policymaking. 
AARP | May 29, 2019
Joni Finney speaks about the role colleges and universities have played in the national student loan debt crisis by increasing tuition rates and failing to clearly explain the costs of attendance. 
Education Week | May 14, 2019
Richard Ingersoll’s research on teacher diversity indicates that the increase in the number of Black teachers over the past three decades is a smaller increase than any other group of teachers except for Native American teachers, and that Black teachers are not evenly distributed across jobs. 
U.S. News & World Report | May 8, 2019
Laura Perna cautions that the information on net price calculators can be misleading, outdated, incomplete, and difficult to compare across institutions; Perna suggests that institutions should be using the federal definition of net price. 
Penn Live | April 29, 2019
Rand Quinn comments on the long-term effects of state takeover of school districts, nothing the challenges of a return to local control. 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | April 23, 2019
Richard Ingersoll speaks about the teacher pipeline and the need for greater focus on improving teacher retention in K-12 schools. 
The Boston Globe | April 16, 2019
Laura Perna is quoted on what state policymakers should consider when establishing or expanding college promise programs. 
Voices in Education | April 3, 2019
Pam Grossman writes about renewed interest in project-based learning and how the approach could be uniquely suited to preparing students for the future.  
Education Week | March 13, 2019
Jonathan Zimmerman is quoted on how deeply rooted ties between schools and society may impact the interplay of broader political divisions and internal school environments. 
Vice | March 13, 2019
Laura Perna is quoted on how the distribution of Pell Grant recipients among U.S. higher education institutions indicates the systemic advantages of wealth in college access. 
The Philadelphia Tribune | March 13, 2019
Manuel González Canché testifies on disparities in access to funding and resources between the Community College of Philadelphia and local four-year institutions. 
EdSurge | March 5, 2019
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas speaks to the EdSurge On Air podcast about shifts in the depiction of diverse characters in children's literature throughout the twentieth century and the progress that still needs to be made. 
The New York Times | February 21, 2019
Marybeth Gasman is quoted on rising interest in historically black colleges and universities and women's colleges in recent years. 
The Atlantic | February 20, 2019
Richard Ingersoll is cited on contradictory trends in the gender composition of the U.S. teaching force. 
WHYY | February 12, 2019
Caroline Ebby says a problem with math instruction in the U.S. is its focus on following rules, rather than ensuring that students understand how calculations work to solve problems. 
Anthropology News | February 6, 2019
Betsy Rymes comments on how online debates over a Duke professor's discriminatory email disrupted a racist feedback loop that has served to reinforce U.S. monolingualism. 
Education Dive | February 5, 2019
Laura Perna discusses how messaging about the cost of college and access to financial aid can influence low-income students' decisions to fill out a FAFSA or apply to college. 
USA Today | January 26, 2019
Richard Ingersoll comments on teacher strikes and walkouts across the U.S., noting the challenges of meeting demands for increased teacher salaries. 
Inside Higher Ed | January 21, 2019
Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher critiques a controversial email about personal hygiene sent by a University of Houston professor, proposing alternative responses that could avoid microaggressions and factual inaccuracies.  
University World News | January 18, 2019
Peter Eckel writes about the challenges facing newly created university boards of trustees in countries like Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and India, where independent board governance is an emerging practice. 
The Hechinger Report | January 7, 2019
Laura Perna is quoted on the role of summer study programs in preparing first-generation students to succeed in college. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 11, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath writes about the shortcomings of the Chicago principles, which many higher education institutions endorse as a framework for responding to challenges to free speech on campus. 
NJTV News | November 28, 2018
Howard Stevenson speaks about the long-term mental health impacts of adverse childhood experiences in communities of color. 
The Chronicle of Higher Education | November 19, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman argues for the restoration of access to federal student aid for incarcerated people. 
The New York Review of Books | November 13, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman reviews three books on the desegregation of schools after the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision and unpacks the ruling's ongoing legal and historical questions. 
Nashville Tennessean | November 12, 2018
Joni Finney is quoted on the Tennessee Promise program and the challenges ahead for the state to maintain momentum and close achievement gaps. 
EdSurge | November 8, 2018
Ryan Baker is quoted on the impact of local implementation conditions on the use and effectiveness of learning apps in schools.