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Rand Quinn
  • Education Policy
  • Race, Equity, & Inclusion
July 19, 2019

Speaking on Radio Times, Penn GSE’s Rand Quinn addressed an unexpected flashpoint in the first round of the Democratic presidential debates.


Adam Kirk Edgerton
  • Education Policy
July 15, 2019

Penn GSE doctoral student Adam Kirk Edgerton told The Philadelphia Inquirer that switching exams could have a wide-ranging impact.


Taliq Tillman and Dean Pam Grossman
  • Education Innovation & Entrepreneurship
July 10, 2019

The event, co-sponsored by Getting Smart and the International Society for Technology in Education, brought together educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers, and students on June 23 for a conversation exploring the future of work and learning.


Shuai (Michelle) Shen
  • Language & Literacy
  • Alumni
July 9, 2019

Shuai (Michelle) Shen, GED’08, works for the Penn Literacy Network (PLN) at Penn GSE to bring practical, evidence-based professional development to teachers in China and beyond.

Teachers practice sounding out words in a Kid Writing exercise.
  • Teaching & Learning
July 5, 2019

Language teachers from around the country spent four days at Penn GSE learning the approach that gives teachers and children ‘a common language.’


Penn GSE Spencer Dissertation Fellows
  • Language & Literacy
  • Education Policy
June 20, 2019

Sharon Wolf received an NAED/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship to further her research of early childhood education in sub-Saharan Africa.


Harris Sokoloff and Dean Pam Grossman
  • Leadership
June 12, 2019

At an anniversary celebration, Director Harris Sokoloff was honored as “the heart, the soul, the spirit, and the engine of this vital and vibrant network of educators.”


Jax Lastinger receives an award.
  • Race, Equity, & Inclusion
May 30, 2019

Jax Lastinger received the 2019 Award for Excellence in Promoting Diversity and Inclusion.


Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman
  • Education Policy
May 29, 2019

The Heterodox Academy gave the Penn GSE education historian its 2019 Leadership Award.


Ebony Elizabeth Thomas
  • Race, Equity, & Inclusion
May 22, 2019

On the Office Hours podcast, Thomas remembers what it was like the first time she read Harry Potter, and how that sparked her investigations of race in children’s literature.



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What your day in the Urban Teaching Apprentiship Program looks like changes quite a bit throughout the year but for the second half of your program you will be teaching full day in the classroom. I follow a pretty regular schedule with the only thing differing from day to day is if I have class in the evening. Below is my regular schedule on a day where I will teach full day and then have a...

We had about a week of spring break, and many of my GSE friends traveled around the U.S, such as LA, San Francisco, Orlando, and Chicago. I went to see the Niagara Falls in Buffalo and Boston for the first time!

① Niagara Falls / Buffalo

After flying out to Buffalo Niagara airport from Philly, my friend and I rented a car and drove to the Niagara Falls State Park. Although it was...

With hiring season around the corner, students around GSE are donning their best blazers and putting the finishing touches on their updated resumes. Before you walk into that first interview, check out these helpful supports and strategies for Penn students from Penn career services:

1. Meet with a Career Counselor

If you haven’t already been to Penn GSE’s Career...

As we know the pressures of grad school are immense, and sometimes it can feel like we are sinking. So here are a few top tips that I have picked up during my time here at Penn for not just surviving, but also thriving at Penn.


 1. Stay full and caffeinated

Make use of the many free food opportunities...

My job search began right after the winter break in January. Because I am in a one year master’s program, the turnaround for job searching is pretty quick. As it would add to unnecessary stress in the transition to being a full time graduate student, our cohort in the Higher Education Division was advised not to begin the search in the fall semester as most opportunities would become available...

My favorite part of exploring a new city is touring the coffee shops! I truly believe that a local coffee shop can tell you a lot about a city or area. Plus, I love trying new coffees and finding new places to study!

The first coffee shop I explored was ReAnimator Coffee Roasters on 47th and Pine St. Before I even walked in, I knew that it had a good vibe, which was reinforced by the...

I am one of the youngest people in my cohort because I decided to begin my graduate school journey immediately after finishing my undergraduate degree. I got my bachelor’s degree at Boston University, where I fell deeply in love with the city of Boston; therefore, when applying to graduate programs, I knew that I wanted to continue to live in a big city. I had never been to Philadelphia before...

I took three courses in the fall semester. Since instructors had always prepared rigorous learning materials and made classes engaging and interesting, I did not feel stressed. Instead, I was excited to join every class to acquire new knowledge and skills. My time was quite flexible. I joined the archery club; I became an ambassador in GSE and Weingarten center; I could continue learning...

Below is a letter to the eager, enthusiastic, and ambitious person I was before I started the UTAP program at Penn GSE. 

            You have so many questions. You are wondering if this school, city, and step is the right choice. You want to jump in now and you spend your hours in June dreaming of what your life as a graduate student will be like (you should...

If we are being entirely honest here, graduate school is really hard. The hours are long and in my program, we are constantly balancing student teaching and Penn coursework. While professors strive to make assignments that will overlap with our student teaching commitments, there is no doubt that this program is a ton of work. However, as I pass the midpoint of my program, I want to share some...